Composting machine manual

Líf 10, Líf 30, and Líf 50

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Important Precautions

1. Installation of the composting machine should be completed by Pure North Recycling ehf.

2. Food Waste Composting Machine must be installed on a level or hard floor that can support the machine’s weight to prevent demages to the machine.

3. Do not touch the power plug if hands are wet.

4. Do not open the unloading lid if machine is operating.  The axis rotation will stop and compost will spill out.

5. Do not spray water directly onto the machine to avoid causing electric shock.

6. Avoid a large space between composting machine and the deodorizer for maximum effectiveness of the deodorizer.

LED lights

The Led lights on the main display of the machine provide operation information of the composting machine.

Download the LED lights table

Compostable Goods

To prevent damaging the machine or compost contamination, ensure that all waste input is compostable goods only.

Download the compostable goods table

Machine start up

Microorganisms will need approximately two weeks to adapt and adjust to food waste as the microbes are dormant due to the shipping process. In order to reactivate the microbes, gradually increase the amount of food waste from 20% to full machine capacity over a four-week period.
Download the start-up manual

  1. Empty microbe sawdust into composting machine prior to operation.
  2. Add water to moisten sawdust (so it takes on a porridge-like consistency) and to activate the humidity sensor.
  3. Close the loading lid.
  4. Press the “start” button to begin machine start-up process.
  5. Ensure energy save mode is activated when composting process is complete and humidity is at 20% (sawdust mix is dry).

Operating the machine

  1. Opening the loading lid.
  2. Empty food waste into composting machine.
    • GG10s maximum daily capacity is 25kg.
    • GG30s maximum daily capacity is 75kg.
    • GG50s maximum daily capacity is 125kg.
    1. Close the loading lid.
    2. Press “start” from the machine’s touch screen.
    3. Don't add any food for at least 24 hours before hygienization.


The machine is equipped with a hygienisation function to kill potential pathogens. During the hygienization process, the tank temperature is maintained at 70°C for 60 minutes. The process must be uninterrupted for it to be successful. (If humidity is over 25%, it doesn’t start).

  1. The hygienisation must take place every time before unloading the compost.
  2. Prior to starting the hygienization machine, make sure the machine is in energy save mode, which means the process of composting is fully completed.
  3. Press “start” button to begin the process.
  4. During hygienization mode, the light will blink continuously. At the completion of a hygienization process, the light will remain steady.

Compost Offload

Compost can be offloaded after hygienization process is complete. Ensure compost is offloaded to axis level.

  1. Turn machine onto manual mode by turning the “manual/auto” switch to “manual mode”.
  2. Place tote or container under offload door, and open offload door.
  3. Allow for compost to be emptied out of machine, use a shovel to assist in emptying machine.
  4. Empty compost to the axis level – some compost needs to remain in the machine to facilitate the composting process.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the machine ensures machine’s optimum performance.

  1. Clean the helmet, door, and seal.
  2. Clean air filter screen weekly to prevent dust build up.
  3. Clean the filter (left side inside the tank) and put it back.
  4. Use steel cleaner to clean the entire machine.
  5. Remove water from deodorizer on a weekly basis to guarantee deodorizer’s efficiency.
  6. Do not spray composter with water! When cleaning the machine, wipe down the surface areas of the machine with a damp cloth.