World's greenest

recycled plastic?

81,7% lower

carbon footprint

From plastic waste

to raw material

Unique chemical-free

mechanical recycling

Clean, environmentally friendly

We have created one of the most environmentally friendly recycling processes in the world. Our recycling method has an 81,7% lower carbon footprint compared to average EU recycling processes

Pure North is based in Iceland, in the town of Hveragerði in the southern part of Iceland - known for its abundance of geothermal energy.

Our facilities fully recycle plastics from waste to raw material, making us the only end-to-end plastics recycler in Iceland.

The chemical-free recycling method is unique in the world as geothermal energy is used in the recycling process, which both makes it more environmentally friendly and lowers operational costs.

Our goal is to create a true cyclical system, enabling Iceland to become truly sustainable with its own circular economy, recycling and reproducing products with its own local recycled materials. By doing so, we are moving closer to a carbon neutral society.

In the six years since we started, we’ve already had a huge impact on the local waste management market by recycling on average 35-40% of the total plastic waste that is recycled from Iceland annually.  Pure North’s recent developments include new process lines that started operation in 2022 and will twofold the production capacity.

95% of unprocessed packaging plastic is exported. It is therefore a lot of work, but it is estimated that for every tonne recycled from plastic, 1.8 tonnes of oil are saved.