World's greenest

recycled plastic?

Recycling by Pure North


The only end-to-end plastic recycler in Iceland. 

The consumption of plastics makes handling waste more and more important. Pure North Recycling is leading the way as the first in the country to take care of recycling from beginning to end.


A unique process with geothermal energy

The use of geothermal energy in our recycling process in unique in the world. This allowed us to create a lower environmental impact and lower operational costs compared to other facilities. Thanks to the geothermal heat, no chemicals are needed during the washing process.

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Cutting CO2 emission 

According to an LCA study, the operation of Pure North Recycling results in savings up to 1.52 tons CO2 eq per ton of plastic. This represents an 81,2% lower carbon footprint than the average for European recycling facilities. Pure North's recycling process was compared to other facilities in Europe and Asia it was found that Pure North's recycling facilities had a better environmental impact score in 13 out of 14 categories.


Cutting oil usage

For every ton of plastic that is recycled, 1.8 tons of oil are saved. This means we use fewer natural resources and rely less on fossil fuels.


Economic advantage

Recycled plastic is not only more sustainable, it is cheaper than virgin material.


Impact on Ecosystems

Plastic pollution is affecting the ecosystem as a whole, and particularly the ocean's ecosystem. For Icelanders, whose economy heavily relies on marine resources and tourism, the threat of plastic pollution could threaten jobs and health.