Plastic credits

Now is the last round of the verification process by Verra after the audit last April. Verra is an organisation dedicated to establishing leading standards for climate action and sustainable development. By collaborating with governments, businesses, and societies worldwide, Verra works towards a sustainable global future. The Plastic Program sets rigorous standards which Pure North has been working on achieving, in order to be certified to issue Plastic Credits.

Why Choose Us?

Our plastic recycling process has a carbon footprint that is roughly 80% lower than the average comparative EU recycling process, marking us as pioneers in sustainable recycling. This environmental stewardship has led Pure Northtobecome thefirst European company tofulfill all requirements for this revolutionary plastic program.

What are Plastic Credits?

A Plastic Credit signifies the successful recycling of one metric tonne of plastic waste, averting its destination to landfills or incineration facilities. Participation in this program not only validates Pure North's commitment to recycling but also facilitates our expansion and amplification of recycling efforts within Iceland. This program serves as a catalyst for improved waste management strategies in the country.

How to Utilize Plastic Credits?

Plastic Credits play a pivotal role in driving technological and infrastructural development to boost collection and recycling systems, particularly for hard-to-recover plastics. Within a holistic plastic stewardship program, these credits can help manage the plastic waste that a company hasn't yet been able to eliminate. The journey begins with an in-depth evaluation of the company's total plastic footprint. Once this footprint is understood, the company can initiate actions to curtail it. The priority list should include reducing total plastic use and potential waste through product redesign, substituting virgin material with recycled ones wherever plastic use is indispensable, and ensuring proper disposal of inevitable plastic waste. As a part of this final step, Plastic Credits, accredited under the Plastic Waste Reduction Standard, can be used. However, with time, companies should strive to reduce their reliance on Plastic Credits as they escalate activities to minimize their plastic footprint and as waste collection and recycling systems evolve.

Facilitating Sustainable Development

The Plastic Credit project provides us with themotivationto continually enhance our facilities and the work we perform. We are unwavering in our commitment to positively impact Iceland's waste management landscape, fostering a healthier and more sustainable environment for upcoming generations and inspiring others to take action.


Download the summary of the project (in Icelandic).