Products and service

Practical solutions for waste management in the circular economy.

Composting machines

  • 90% reduction in volume.
  • Increased cleanliness and reduced odour.
  • Safe organic soil supplements within 24 hours.

Balers and foam press

  • Efficient space utilization and cost savings.
  • Available in a range of sizes.
  • Enhanced autonomy in managing your own waste.

Safety Cabinets

  • Secure storage of dangerous substances. Ensure the safety of employees and the environment.
  • Designed in accordance with safety regulations and industrial standards.
  • Prevent leaks or ignition.


  • Waste management facility for sorting and recycling waste.
  • Personal designed adjusted to your needs.
  • Increased income while doing things right.

Waste AI - Úlli

  • See your progress on waste management each month.
  • Look where you currently stand and where you are heading.
  • Get an overview of waste category costs and receive suggestions for actions to promote sustainability.

Lightweight building

  • Simple to install
  • Various sizes, from 50 square meters and up
  • Specially implemented and designed for Icelandic conditions