Safety Cabinets

Keep waste, oils, light bulbs, and harmful things safe. Protect your workers and your surrounding.

  • Secure storage: A closed cabinet, with a leak-proof bottom. A visible cabinet with clear markings simplifies all collection and storage of products and substances that need to be kept separate.
  • Fire protection: Built-in, automatic fire protection that activates if a fire breaks out, for example, due to spontaneous ignition in batteries.
  • Sizes that suit you: We offer cabinets in three sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs and circumstances.

Machines for rental

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Safety cabinet FE3 - Spilltastur

Safety cabinet FE3 - large
placeholder image

Safety cabinet FE2 - Spilltari

Safety cabinet FE2 - medium
placeholder image

Safety cabinet FE1 - Spilltur

Safety cabinet FE1 - little


What are the benefits of having a safety cabinet?

What sizes of safety cabinets are available?