Lightweight building

  • Simple to install
  • Various sizes, from 50 square meters and up
  • Specially implemented and designed for Icelandic conditions
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Lightweight buildings from Herchenbach in Germany offers unique solutions for those in need of efficient and cost-effective buildings that are also portable. The main advantages of them are:

Easy installation: The buildings are bolted to a concrete or cast foundation and can be set up within one week. They can also be take down within 2-3 days.

Various sizes available: We offer a range of sizes to fit your needs. The buildings have widths ranging from 10m to 12.5m, and the length can be chosen according to requirements. Larger spaces can be customized to your specifications. These housing solutions have been implemented from 100m² up to 10,000m².

Designed for Icelandic weather conditions: The buildings structures have been designed and adapted to Icelandic standards for wind and snow loads.

Versatile use: These buildings can serve various purposes. Whether you need a standalone structure for storage or an enclosed sorting and recycling station for waste and recyclable materials, our "Létthýsi" offers you the flexibility you need.


Can I store sensitive items in the building?