Balers and foam press

Balers are particularly suitable for entities where a small to medium amount of recyclable materials is generated and space is limited. They can be used to compact almost all recyclable materials, such as plastic film, corrugated cardboard, and plastic containers. The weight of the compacted bags ranges from 50 kg up to 500 kg, but the most common weight is 150 kg, which fits conveniently on traditional pallets.

If you have a lot of foam plastic waste, a foam press can be very helpful. It's an automatic machine that you put clean Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) into. It squashes the EPS, takes the air out, and makes cubes of tight plastic that you can stack on pallets and sell to be recycled.

Machines for sale

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Baler 150 - 180 kg - CK151

Our most popular product is the CK151 baler that creates bales that fit perfectly on standard pallets. The most economical solution instead of open containers or bins. Save yourself disposal costs and rent and lower your waste management costs
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Baler 250 - 280 kg (CK250)

This baler is ideal for locations generating considerable amounts of waste. The CK250 baler, an outstanding entry-level machine for mill-sized bales, can compact cardboard into bales weighing up to 250kg. This feature allows users to potentially earn from their bales. Versatile in function, it can be used to compress various materials, including plastic and cardboard.
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Baler 300 kg (CK 300VX)

The CK300VX is engineered to handle high volumes of waste, making it suitable for use in both retail stores and manufacturing plants. Its compact design facilitates transportation and installation. By producing bales weighing up to 300kg, it can generate income for users.
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Baler 80 - 110 kg - CK101

CK101 is specifically designed for clients with limited waste quantities. Its compact size and single-phase power supply make it incredibly easy to install and operate.
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Baler 500 - 520 kg (CK 500V)

The robust design of the CK500V mill size baler allows for the baling of a variety of materials, including cardboard, plastic film, hard plastic, E-Waste, and PET. Its ability to produce optimally-sized bales helps to maximize transport efficiency.
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Baler 90 - 100 kg (CK 100VX)

The CK100VX is a compact baler, designed for ease of transport and installation, with no assembly needed on site. This quiet-operating baler boasts a quick cycle time and comes with front-loaded ropes. Capable of producing cardboard bales up to 90kg, the CK100VX baler can handle various materials, including plastic film, shredded paper, and cardboard.
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Foam press

Shrinks foam plastic by 50 times. The density of compressed foam plastic is 300-350 kg/m³. Many sizes are available for an annual volume of plastic from 10 tonnes and upwards.
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Baler 500 - 520 kg (CK 500W)

The CK500W is equipped with an extra-large feed opening, making the baling of bulky materials a simpler task. Its Lift-Up Door system (LUD) requires minimal operational space and automatically opens after each cycle. The sizable bales it produces are safely ejected through a mechanical process requiring two-hand operation.

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