Composting course

The Composting Blueprint: Transforming Trash into Treasure

Our course is designed for individuals and organisations operating our composting machines:
Líf 10, Líf 30, and Líf 50. Participants will gain theoretical and practical skills, empowering them to efficiently and safely operate these machines. This knowledge will help in reducing waste, cutting costs, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Successful completion of the course ensures participants receive a certificate valid for one year. Please note that finishing the course is necessary to grant authorisation to use these machines.

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Participants in our course, regardless of their background, can expect to gain valuable insights such as:

  • Introduction to waste management: Receiving a basic overview of waste management in Iceland.
  • Machine operation: Understanding the correct usage of the composting machine:
    Líf 10, Líf 30, and Líf 50.
  • Error prevention and troubleshooting: Identifying and avoiding common mistakes, as well as knowing how to fix them.
  • Understanding importance: Showing how crucial their role is and the significant impact it makes on the environment.

Our course is structured to be accessible, featuring quizzes that seamlessly integrate practical skills for an engaging learning experience.