How much does

your waste cost?

Would you like to know if waste management in your company, institution, or municipality is as efficient as it can be? Are you paying too much for your waste and receiving too little for your raw materials?

Pure North offers the following services to unlock the potential of waste management:

  • Waste management check: Pure North's experts will visit and look at everything, like where you keep waste, how you sort it, and what containers you use. They'll look at what you've spent and how well you've managed waste for the last 12 months. Then they'll tell your leaders how you can do better, save money, and sort waste more effectively.
  • Live dashboard: Monitor the cost, sorting rate, and waste volume evolution. Compare different locations, time periods, and raw material categories. Gain a comprehensive view of the cost for each raw material category, including all cost components.
  • Sustainability analysis: Find out what happens to all the things you recycle. We keep track of everything until it's finally processed. You get a simple summary of everything by type and place.


How can I set up Value for my waste management?

Who is going to prepare the reports?

Where does the data come from?