We Turn Waste into Opportunity
  • Easy and eco-friendly
    waste management tools.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Committed to the planet.
  • Committed to you.

Technological solutions

  • Waste AI - Úlli: Our intelligent platform unlocks the potential for managing waste effectively. Would you like to know if waste management in your company, institution or municipality is as efficient as it can be?
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  • Innovative Recycling App: Simplify your recycling process. Our app scans barcodes and instantly tells you how to recycle various products.
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Hands-on solutions

  • Machines: We rent and sell a range of eco-friendly equipment to help you turn waste into value, including composting machines, barrels, and safety cabinets.
  • Auðlind: Auðlind is a facility where you can sort and recycle you waste efficiently.
  • Plastic Recycling Factory: We are the only company in the country offering fully plastic recycling services.
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Transforming your waste

into a valuable resource

Lower costs

Higher utilization

Reduced carbon footprint

with simple solutions