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Líf 30

Product nr: GG-30

This machine is specifically designed for businesses and institutions that generate a significant amount of waste.

With Líf 30, you gain access to a real-time dashboard that provides accurate readings of temperature and humidity levels within the mass. The machine is equipped with an integrated heat treatment process, ensuring optimal waste management. It also features an efficient emptying process that enhances the overall convenience of using the machine.

The versatility of this machine makes it suitable for various usage locations, including hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, guesthouses, conference centers, and food halls.
User manual

Processing rate per day
75 kg/day
Processing rate per year
30 tons/year
Cycle time
24 hours
Average waste reduction
Power supply
Three Phase, 400V
Electricity consupmtion
Average – 690 kWh/month
1750 x 730 x 1170 mm
450 kg

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