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Plastic credits

09. maí 2023

Pure North is excited to announce its participation in the Plastic Program, created by Verra. Verra manages programs that certify that activities surrounding climate action and sustainable development meet certain standards. They work with governments, businesses and civil society to help create a global transition into a sustainable future. The Plastic Program sets rigorous standards which Pure North has been working hard on achieving, in order to be certified to issue Plastic Credits.

A Plastic Credit represents one metric tonne of plastic waste that has been recycled, diverting the waste from landfills or incineration. A plastic credit can be issued to other entities, empowering Pure North to grow, and enabling more plastic to be recycled in Iceland. This will help create new opportunities for better waste management within the country.

Pure North has gone through an independent third-party audit in April and is now going through the last step of the validation process. Once completed, a verification body will confirm and quantify the outcomes already achieved in the past two years. After being fully approved, Pure North Recycling will be able to issue Plastic Credits and move forward with its ambitions of creating a circular economy in Iceland! 

If you have any questions, ideas or would like to give us valuable input then please feel free to contact us at [email protected], or by calling us at (+354) 483 5100.