About the buildings

Affordable, high quality solution

Easy installation

The lightweight buildings are bolted onto an asphalt or concrete base and can be installed in less than 1 week. If necessary due to relocation or lease termination, they can be disassembled in 2-3 days.

The aluminum structures of our lightweight buildings can also be connected in different ways. The most common and economical method involves using ground wires suitable for various surfaces. For anchoring with ground spikes, the surface course, base course and frost protection layer should be at least 80 cm thick when added together.

Broaden size variety

We have various sizes to match your needs. The buildings range from 10m to 12.5m in width, and you can choose the length you need. Our houses solutions come in sizes from 100 m2 to 10,000 m2, giving you plenty of options to select from.

Designed to endure Icelandic weather conditions

Our lightweight buildings are engineered to withstand strong winds, snow and low temperatures.

The inner tent shields your belongings by effectively diverting moisture away from the building, ensuring the protection of your items.

Hard roofing

If you need to heat your building or if people are working inside, our insulated roof tarpaulin is a great addition to ISO wall panels. It's made of highly tear-resistant industrial PVC, a polyester fleece as insulation material and an inner tarpaulin to protect against condensation water. It makes the building more resistant to heat and flying sparks as well, which will prevent a flashover inside the building.

If the planning regulations include the need for smoke extraction for the building, we offer a patented smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) system that is certified to DIN EN 12101-2

Windows and gates

The windows come in single and double sash options.

The sectional gates gives enough room for forklifts and larger vehicles to pass .They offer good isolation values and a range of design options, thanks to different colours, surfaces and materials.