‟We work with forces of nature to give waste a second chance.”

‟If you are not buying recycled products, you are not really recycling.”

~ Ed Begley Jr.

About Us

Pure North Recycling is an advanced recycling and waste management company. We pride our selves for our ALL GREEN working process.


The Operation

Pure North's operation emphasise an integrated vision of viability, reliability and harmony of its activities with the environment and society.

Special emphasis is placed on identifying and minimizing the environmental aspects of the operations.

Our Advantage

Our energy sources are natural and come from geothermal high-pressure steam and hydroelectric power plants.


Please take a moment to watch the videos here below to get a better understanding on where our products come from and what it is that makes them so unique.


We provide raw materials from all types of plastics, hay bale wrap, stretch film and fishing gear.

Our energy and human resources along with our open minded attitude gives us a chance to be flexible on how materials are processed and handled before delivery. This gives our long term customers and end users a chance to work closely with our team to get the best out of our resources for constant quality for their production.

Feel free to contact us with your inquiries or further information.


Sigurður Halldórsson
Indriði Grímsson
Quality Control
Edda Ríkharðsdóttir


The Factory

Address: Sunnumörk 4

The Office

Address: Hlíðasmári 6



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