A busy day at the Environment Hat

News from mbl.is:

In recent days, the Environmental Hero has attracted attention in society. Today she was working in Skeifan where there were many projects. The hero, who is still anonymous, got rid of drains, repaired heating pipes and picked up rubbish and gave mbl.is a TV interview along the way.

The hero's message is simple: "Everyone can be an environmental hero!".

In the video you can see the hero at work and at the same time see how much everyone can contribute to making the local environment better.

The hero's pranks have obviously attracted attention. "Thank you superhero!" Was heard shouting from a car that was driving past the hero as she walked around Skeifun in search of the next project.

But the hero does not seek attention just for the sake of attention. "It is empowering to do good," she said after repairing a block that had been broken on one of the sidewalks, knowing that in the future when her path passes through Skeifun, she will always remember when Umhverfishetjan fixed the pavement.

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